Interview to one of our caterer partners : Roland's Social & Business Catering

Interview to one of our caterer partners : Roland's Social & Business Catering

Today we have done an interview to Pasquale Mazzei, one of three manager at Roland's Social & Business Catering.
We know how important is the choice of a caterer for your wedding day, it's clear that food and beverage, together with the venue, can be considered the most important services on your DAY!
For this reason we have carefully selected our vendors and Roland's is one of those!
Let's start with the questions!

What's your story?
Rolandís Catering is a meeting of roads, life paths and work experiences, linked by the passion for good food.
Three partners, men who come from different directions. Attilio (the Chef) attended the hotel school, gaining experience in the kitchens of small and large companies, not only in Florence. Alessandro was in the events organization and it is precisely in one of these that we got to know each other, we found ourselves empathetic, and later we thought of starting this journey together. Pasquale (me), who would have been in the branch for over twenty years, since 1997 when as a young student at the Law University in Florence, like many off-site students, I tried to make myself economically independent, starting to work in a restaurant, from there I had the first opportunity to get in touch with the world of banqueting and slowly I had also the belief that I would never have been a good lawyer.

Roland's is now a well-established commercial brand on the regional territory, it has developed an organization that is able to offer advanced services both in the catering sector and set-up for corporate and wedding events of all kinds and sizes, making use of consultants and exclusive partners who plan and design the event to optimize time and achieve the best result.

What is your philosophy today?
I would rather than philosophy
Research looking to the future;
Respect for Traditions;
A good piece of healthy Optimism;

If I had to recommend a recipe I believe that these ingredients should not be missing and are part of the philosophy of our company.

How do you find your primary products?
We are constantly looking for local companies, those that respect high ethical and social standards in the production and marketing of their products.
So an important value for us is the territoriality, but in Rolandís our kitchen has a wider connotation and I can define it as an Italian cuisine at 360 į, I like to represent it as if it were a set of many violins playing music inspired by the great local composers.

Whatís your concept of personalization?
Starting from a method that is the artisanal one, we could only enhance all its facets and this is the personalization of it.
Everything that is born in our kitchen rather than the projects and set-ups have a high degree of personalization because we seek through suppliers who usually are craftsmen to work on the material and this can be combined in many ways and is always different.

How do you prepare a reception?
A good reception is prepared starting from the meeting between the customer's taste and ideas and our taste and our know-how.
A reception is a puzzle with many pieces that must be perfectly combined with each other and all this is the result of study, planning and perfect execution as much as possible.

What is the difference between catering and banqueting?
Technically the catering exclusively includes the supply of food & beverage for events such as meetings and ceremonies, food and drinks are supplied outside the place where they are cooked.
Banqueting, on the other hand, concerns not only the supply of food but also concerns everything concerning presentation and organization but above all in banqueting the cooking and some preparations are arranged in a place that is not the company's laboratory, in the case of wedding events, kitchens are often set up in the various villas and castles where the event is held.

What establish your price?
The quality of primary products;
The professionalism of the men employed;
The hours of work that we use to perfect the technique, in order to always offer a real successful service;

Why is important to organize tastings?
The tasting is a meeting and allows the client to taste the quality of a company's cuisine, its characteristics, its strengths.
You cannot think abouta tasting as siply a moment when you choose the courses to be included in your menu.

Finally, a tip to wedding planners?
The only advice we want to give to those who want to start this profession and to those who already practice it is to study, update, attend events, do internships with the different professionals who are part of this world.
Before becoming an orchestra conductor you must know how to play an instrument and in any case you have to know all the others, their characteristics and their music to think about tuning an orchestra.

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