Meet the Collaborator

Ciao, I'm Manola


Originally from Umbria, I studied Modern Languages in Florence, where I lived for many years. Whilst living in Florence, I also had a number of jobs all linked in some way to the tourist industry and working with people.

I spent three years working in Spain, before returning once more to my beloved Florence. I then worked in a Contemporary Jewelry School, which was particularly interesting because as Director of Studies I had direct contact with the creativity and cultural stimulus of the students who came from all over the world.

On moving to Montepulciano, after having had a beautiful daughter, I was drawn to the world of Weddings, thanks to my friendship with Francesca, I used to work for her as an interpreter for civil weddings as well as an officiant at symbolic ceremonies.

That when I got motivated to work in this field. We began working together on an occasional basis, but it has now become my full-time work. Thanks to Francesca I have learnt all the secrets of this fascinating job and discovered a new passion.

I am easy-going and considerate and I believe these are my greatest strengths.